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Holy Places

Sacred places are an expression of faith that there are specific places in space where it is possible to more easily "contact" with "divine" world. In different cultures and historical periods vary their appearance - from the caves, rocks, stones, trees, springs, temples built to worship complex and objectives. Were different and divine, to which a given community, but the prayers of people have similar goals - health, prosperity and fertility.

Functioning today in Bulgaria holy places associated with the main religions professed by the country's population. Christians are perceived as sacred places monasteries, churches and chapels, and special preference is given to the related miraculous healings. This is the criterion by which to in this section are presented some of the most revered holy places of Christians, and one of the most famous Tekke of Muslims in Bulgaria. In some of them were observed longer functioning, others are formed in more recent times. However, any holy place obrastva with legends of miraculous creation and centuries of history, which these days increasingly blurred boundaries between real and imaginary history of the object.

Among the holy places has represented both regional and national pilgrimage centers, respectively, associated with the formation of local and national identity. Overall, all of them is that they are "live" places where people and nowadays they make their rites and rituals, where legends and stories legends, ie These are places where memory works.