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Pantheon of the Immortals

Object type: War, Pantheon
location: Slivnica

The name of the village of Gurgulyat became famous during the Serbian-Bulgarian War when on November 7, 1885, on the third decisive day of the defense battle at Slivnitsa, the detachment of Captain Hristo Popov entered a bloodshed encounter fight with the Serbian Moravian division, inflicted heavy losses on it and forced it to stop the offensive. With the victory in the encounter battle at Gurugulyat the strategic left flank of the Bulgarian defense was secured. The Bulgarian army decisively took the offensive and Serbia was forced to surrender.

In memory of the those who perished in the war, in the beginning of the 20th century a temple-monument was built in the village of Gurgulyat. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Unification and the Serbian-Bulgarian War and of the soldiers, officers, volunteers and citizens of Gurgulyat killed at Slivnitsa positions, a decision was taken for a new, more imposing memorial to be built in the place of the existing one. For this purpose 1300 Years of Bulgaria National Fund allotted 600,000 leva. The Pantheon was designed by architect Georgi Stoilov and was built in 1985 of red concrete in the shape of a truncated pyramid 29 meters high. It occupies a total area of 700 square meters. In the center of the monument there is a statue of a grieving mother. It is made of quartzite presented by the Soviet Union. After the democratic changes in 1989 the Pantheon of the Immortals at the village of Gurgulyat was forgotten. Due to the lack of money for guarding and maintenance it was plundered and crumbled down. In 2005 the Ministry of Defense granted 120,000 leva for its restoration as a sacred place for commemoration of the perished heroes.

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