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The Momument To Liberty

Object type: War, Monument
location: Ruse

The Liberation of Bulgaria gave new impetus to the economic progress of Ruse while its citizens were eager to give the town a European image. So a project appeared of shaping the central part of the town after the best European architectural traditions of the time.

In the very center of the town the Ruse municipality decided to erect a monument in honor to the Bulgarian volunteers. The monument was designed with the idea to dominate over the town and emphasize the gratitude of the generations to the heroes who gave their lives for Bulgaria. The Monument to Liberty was created by the Italian sculptor Arnoldo Zocchi who had made before that the monument to Emperor Alexander II in Sofia.

The funds necessary for the construction of the Monument were raised by the Veterans’ Society of Ruse through voluntary donations coming from all over the country. It was unveiled on August 11, 1906 - the day of the most fierce Shipka fights in which the Bulgarian volunteers distinguished themselves by their brave spirit. The ceremony was attended by King Ferdinand I and the Prime Minister Alexander Malinov.

The Monument to Liberty represents a composition with a central female figure placed on a column facing north from where the liberators came. Two bronze lions stand in the base of the monument – one of them breaks the chains of bondage, the other holds a shield and a sword symbolizing the strength of the Bulgarian people.

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